Life Cycle Documents

In 1974 I first designed a hand painted marriage document for friends in St. Louis, Missouri. Over a ten-year period I produced many original prenuptial agreements, known in Hebrew by the singular Ketubah and plural Ketubot. This colorful work extended beyond the Jewish matrimonial certificates to wedding invitations, birth announcements, Bat and Bar Mitzvah portions, retirement testimonials, etc. I continued this custom work on the east coast under the auspices of Ketubot, Etc. until roughly 1985.
(photo of mass-produced Ketubah)
(GALLERY of life cycle documents)

Some of the marriage certificates created in Washington, DC were rendered with a silk-screened text and the illustrations were painted in gouache. After studying Hebrew and English calligraphy in New York, NY in the early 1980’s I hand-wrote the texts with pen and ink. Each document was prepared after meeting with clients. They incorporated symbols, colors, and objects of personal significance to the recipients and celebrated their special occasion. My “claim to fame” was the production of an original marriage certificate Ms. Mary Tyler Moore and Dr. Robert Levine in 1983. A year later they commissioned me again, this time to create an illustrated Moore family tree as a gift for her father.

In 1981 four members of the CCAR, a rabbinic association in North America, commissioned me to design a new Egalitarian Ketubah. In 1982 I oversaw the mass production of the document that was then used by many Reform Rabbis at weddings. I no longer take commissions for this type of work.
(photo detail of mass-produced Ketubah)

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