Ms Friedman began illustrating by request at a youthful age. Fancy menus, a cookbook, a Passover Seder Haggadah, cards, cartoons, a retirement portrait of the middle school principal. She can remember drawings done in nursery and grade school. She liked being designated one of the kids in the class who was accomplished in art. (photo of illustration) After graduating with a degree in painting and printmaking from Washington University in St. Louis,… Read More

Life Cycle Documents

In 1974 I first designed a hand painted marriage document for friends in St. Louis, Missouri. Over a ten-year period I produced many original prenuptial agreements, known in Hebrew by the singular Ketubah and plural Ketubot. This colorful work extended beyond the Jewish matrimonial certificates to wedding invitations, birth announcements, Bat and Bar Mitzvah portions, retirement testimonials, etc. I continued this custom work on the east coast under the auspices of Ketubot,… Read More



Whenever writing instruments and a surface are near my inattentive scribbling soon liters an area. These lines often on scraps of paper comprise a personal alphabet of sorts. (photo of doodle) Characters and patterns emerge translating thoughts and feelings into a visual format. Generally a name on a doodle indicates the person I was conversing with, most likely by phone. These compositions are collected not only for future inspiration but to record… Read More